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New data in the German RIdIM web database

The Munich RIdIM office has updated the data in its web database "Musik und Tanz in der Kunst". As part of this process, corrections and additions were made to previously published records and the inventory of descriptions of objects related to music and dance in the following collections was expanded:

  • Berlin, Brücke-Museum (RIdIM-Sigel: Bbm)
  • Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen. Skulpturensammlung (RIdIM-Sigel: DDsks)
  • Düsseldorf, Stiftung Schloss und Park Benrath (RIdIM-Sigel: DÜsb)
  • Karlsruhe, Kunsthalle (RIdIM-Sigel: KAkh)
  • Nürnberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum (RIdIM-Sigel: Ngnm)

A list (pdf) of the collections screened by RIdIM Germany to date can be found under the menu item "Cataloging" / "Collections".

Please note that for many records the German RIdIM office cannot show object images. In some cases, however, the individual data sets contain links to images in museum databases. Furthermore, information on images in online collections of museums and in printed catalogues can be found in the bibliographical references.